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All my training meets the code of practice of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) of which I am a member (No. 00543). This includes the use of only gentle, motivational methods and adherence to a strict no-choke chain policy.

I provide most of the training offered by the club but I now have invaluable help from Sheila Farrow with the Puppy Class and she is now also running the Tuesday evening classes. 

Most of my classes incorporate elements of the KC Good Citizen Scheme and I run regular testing sessions. Although I'm qualified to assess on the basis of my BIPDT qualification, I undertook and passed the KC official Bronze and Silver assessor's training in September 2011 and the Gold training in October 2014.

I passed the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor assessment in November 2012, after many months of hard work compiling my portfolio and two days of grilling in three separate disciplines. I am certainly the first instructor to complete this on Anglesey and, I think, in North Wales. My qualification is now KCAI HTMA (Heelwork to Music Advanced), CDA (Companion Dog Advanced), GCDS (Good Citizen Dog Scheme), and R (Rally Obedience) - added in February 2016.

"The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour is the first and only Scheme in the UK for Instructors to be approved by City & Guilds NPTC.  

The KCAI Scheme is:

Quality – The UK’s quality benchmark for instruction and teaching in the canine world

National - The Kennel Club is the first and only approved centre for issuing national awards in dog training and canine behaviour in the UK.

Unique – All aspects of an instructor’s experience – both academic and ‘real life’ - count towards accreditation.

For the first time in the UK, instructors involved in teaching dog training and advising on canine behaviour will have the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised, credible and externally verified qualification. Dog owners and dog training enthusiasts will also benefit by having the reassurance of a national standard to ensure that they are provided with the best quality advice and service." Full details of the scheme can be found at:






Margaret and Ceri stepping out in heelwork

Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the UK's largest dog training programme with classes available right across the country. It focuses on teaching responsible dog ownership within the everyday domestic situation. There are four levels namely Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level builds on knowledge and skills acquired at the previous level and aims to develop confidence in both handler and dog. Assessments are non-competitive with the emphasis being on individual achievement. All types of dog can take part whether KC registered or not.

For more information about the KC GCDS go to:

K9 Concerns Dog Training Club has Kennel Club Listed Status. Dogs and handlers (general training classes) are prepared for the Award at Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver or Gold level as appropriate.

KC Rally

Rally is a rapidly growing, relatively new activity within which a handler and dog team make their way round a course following numbered signs which tell the handler which exercise to carry out. The exercises range from the straightforward at the lower levels where the dog is on lead to the more complex and sometimes innovative at the advanced levels where the dog is off lead. Unlike KC Obedience, once the team have started on the course there is no guidance given from the judge or steward and the course is negotiated without pausing between exercises. In much the same way as Working Trials, progression to the next Level is based on reaching a certain standard. However places are still awarded at competitions but progression is not dependent on gaining a specific number of wins. All types of dog can take part whether KC registered or not but to compete it must be registered with the Kennel Club on either the Breed or the Activity Register.

The Club does not run specific Rally classes but Rally activities are incorporated into Silver and Gold level work.

For more information about the KC GCDS go to:

Clicker training

The principles are incorporated within all the classes. The clicker produces a very distinct sound which is followed by a reward (food or toy etc). It gives a clear signal to the dog that the action it is doing is right. It ensures that the dog is given the right message every time and quickly enough to associate it with its actions.

The clicker works as a conditioned positive reinforcer (secondary reinforcer). This is done by linking the clicker with something rewarding, such as a treat (primary reinforcer). Once these two things are associated in your dog’s mind it will then accept the clicker as the reward for an action it has performed. This means that you can give the reward the instant the action happens and your dog is more likely to concentrate on the activity rather than being distracted by treats. Unlike your voice, the sound of the clicker remains the same all the time – clickers don’t get angry or upset! Using the technique of positive reinforcement with your dog can help to develop a really firm bond between you.