At Crufts being awarded my KCAI certificates


I have been involved with dogs for over 50 years and for a large part of that time I have trained my own dogs and acted as a club instructor. This had to remain as just a hobby while I worked as a Nurse Education Manager and Lecturer. However I drastically reduced my work commitments in 1999 and determined to do more serious training. I acquired a new puppy, YoYo, and discovered that, not only had training methods changed a lot in the intervening years but, I couldn't find anywhere in Nantwich that provided the sort of training I knew existed and now wanted. The obvious solution was to set up my own classes, which I did. These progressed very well but were hampered by the lack of suitable venues. Moving to Anglesey in December 2002 gave me the opportunity to have my own training premises. 


In the years since then I have been kept very busy with both my own and other peoples' dogs. I regularly compete with my dogs in Heelwork to Music (HTM), Agility and Rally competitions.

I have judged HTM up to Advanced for many years and I was the Team Manager for the Welsh Team at the Inter Regional HTM Competition organised by the Paws n Music Association each August from 2011 to 2015. I am currently the Show Secretary for the HTM Show held run by Ynys Mon Dog Training Society, of which I am also the Treasurer, each July on Anglesey. I was part of the HTM Demonstration Team with Tara in the Dog Activities ring at Crufts 2014 and have done that previously on a number of occasions. 

I started to compete in the new sport of UK Rally Obedience in 2010. I successfully qualified to Judge Levels 1 and 2 (under APDT rules) in November 2010 and I followed this by gaining my KC Rally Judging qualification in November 2014. I had my first judging appointment in November 2011 and now judge regularly. My dogs Ceri and Gwyl have both achieved their Level 6 Ex title (Level 6 being the highest level). My Papillons are currently working their way through the lower levels. I am currently the Show Secretary for the Rally Show held under the auspices of the North Wales Alsatian Club each April on Anglesey. I was part of the Rally Demonstration Team with Tara in the Dog Activities ring at Crufts 2014. In 2017 there was for the first time at Crufts an Inter-Regional Rally competition. I was selected by the Kennel Club to be the Manager for the Welsh Rally Team and was delighted when we achieved 1st place at this inaugural competition.