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General training and clicker work

Heelwork to music

Mixed Agility for Fun

Ad hoc classes

One to one sessions

Tara during her 'Yellow Ribbon' routine (photo - copyright rivergate photography - see link page)





















 Providing reward based training in Gwalchmai, Anglesey for pet dogs, puppies and their owners

General training and clicker work

Mondays - 6.30pm to 7.20pm for puppies up to about 6 months


These classes are run as a 4 week course which puppies can start as soon as they are allowed out after vaccination and usually consist of no more than 8 dogs. Classes are normally held indoors - outdoors in the summer if the weather is fine. A clicker and handouts are available for each new starter. Numbers permitting, puppies who are not yet 6 months old can continue in this class beyond their initial 4 weeks prior to moving into the next class. Puppies are enrolled for the set of classes which consist of:

  • Socialisation with people and dogs

  • Choice of appropriate equipment (i.e. lead and collar)

  • Walk on lead in a controlled manner

  • Sit, stand and lie down when asked

  • Acceptance of grooming and handling

  • Come when called

  • Play and giving up articles when asked

  • Daily routines e.g. sleeping, feeding and food manners

  • House training

  • Confidence building 毲 puppy and owner(s)

  • Individual behaviour problems

  • Handouts to support the course

  • Clicker training basics included

  • The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Assessment

Mondays -7.50pm to 8.40pm Follow On from the Puppy Class

This class continues the work done in Puppy Class and prepares dogs for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award at Bronze level. 

Tuesdays - 7.00pm to 7.50pm - 4 week Beginner Courses for dogs of 6 months and older

This course commences approximately every 6 to 8 weeks (so does not run continuously) and is suitable for dogs that have not attended class before, or for those that have minor behavioural problems. It introduces the handlers to the basics of training prior to them moving into the Bronze class when ready.

Thursdays - 7.00pm to 7.50pm Novice Class for dogs of 6 months and older

This class prepares dogs for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award at Silver level and also incorporates KC Rally Obedience..

Thursdays - 8.20pm to 9.20pm Advanced Class for dogs of 6 months and older

This class prepares dogs for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award at Gold level and also incorporates KC Rally Obedience.

Heelwork to Music

These classes are for dogs and their owners who want to continue training and do something a little different and 'fun'. Since the dogs in these classes work mainly off lead they must be reliable and sociable with other dogs and people.


Weekday afternoons by arrangement
Some HTM work is incorporated into the Novice and Advanced classes
Occasional training days

Mixed Agility for Fun

These classes are held by arrangement therefore participants must phone before visiting. Dogs need to have a basic grounding in 'being obedient' before they start and have done some initial clicker training. They also need to be at least 6 months old to start learning the equipment and 12 months before doing any serious jumping. The larger breeds may need to wait until they are even older in order to prevent joint problems later in life. Most participants will commence this once they have at least passed their Bronze award.

Thursdays - 11am to 12noon (outdoors if fine or indoors if raining)

Ad Hoc Classes

Half / Full day training sessions are run on an occasional basis sometimes with visiting trainers from a variety of disciplines.

One to One sessions / Home visits

These are available by arrangement for owners:

whose dogs have specific behavioural problems / needs. (However I am primarily a dog trainer so there may be instances where I feel unable to assist with a particular problems and in these cases I would refer on to a qualified behaviourist.)
whose dogs behave in a way that might be disruptive in a class situation
who have difficulties in attending classes on a regular basis
who wish to concentrate on a specific aspect of their dog's behaviour
whose dogs may be 'socially challenged' prior to attending group classes
who need a basic introduction to clicker work