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Ceri as sheepdog


Tara in action

Corsini Quinzano FS I Ex, HTM N - YoYo was a Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) and the first dog I did heelwork to music dog with. He was also my first for clicker training. He used to really enjoy HTM but did tend to get over-excited and a bit stressed which led to a marked lack of concentration. He also used to enjoy agility and would rather do a course with no one telling him where to go next. He lived to be over 12 years old and his memory is still quite precious to me. 



Quote from an article by Richard Curtis in DOG WORLD 21 Aug 08 about the PnM Cornwall Show where YoYo won Intermediate Freestyle.


'In the intermediate freestyle class a little piece of history was made when Margaret Booth and her Tervueren, Corsini Quinzano won the class which means that Yoyo is the first BSD ever to qualify for advanced freestyle. YoYo has not been an easy dog to train and can sometimes get a little excited about performing so it just shows that if you stick at it you can reap the rewards in the end.'


Jaerica Jubilee Gwyliau

Gwyl is now a mature 3 year old. He is the calmest collie I have ever owned and loves to play with Tara. He is a pure Border Collie from show stock and although I have entered him in a couple of Breed Shows his future lies in the working disciplines. He has already started to gather up awards having gained a 1st in Grade 1 Agility in 2015 thus moving all my dogs up to Grade 2. He is currently working at Level 6 in Rally and recently achieved his Silver and Gold Good Citizen Dog Awards ⯴h on the same evening.


Ceri Cariad - Ceri is now over 12 years old but I still think of her as a young dog and she certainly behaves like that at times. She is a pure farm bred Border Collie that is registered as a WSD. She has an exuberant, friendly temperament and has fulfilled her earlier promise in HTM as she is now qualified to work in both Advanced Freestyle and Heelwork. She likes to take charge and is a great interpreter of body and vocal signals. She is very quick to learn and loves clicker training. Although she loves both agility and HTM she is virtually retired from these and just now works in Rally Obedience achieving her Level 6 Ex title (Level 6 being the highest level). She now has a hip and knee problem and has been attending regular hydrotherapy.

Laurelin Amaroso - Tara

Tara is now over 6 years old - seen relaxing her with one of her  KC GCDS Awards. She is another Tervueren just like YoYo except she is red rather than grey. She does compete in HTM and Rally but much prefers agility. She tends to do everything at her own pace though which means we get accuracy but sometimes without the necessary speed. She loves to play and makes an ideal 'stooge' dog since she gives off non-threatening vibes.

Dorvale Winter Gold at Trenarwyn - Harry

Meet Harry, my latest addition. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to own this beautiful show Papillon at 15months of age. He is now really settled in and has got the measure of my big dogs. He is proving to be a fast learner as far as agility is concerned and is great fun to have around and work with.



Ceri in action




- posing as a sheepdog

Tara in action at agility