January 2004 - YoYo was awarded the PnM Starter Dog of the Year Trophy

March 2009 - Ceri was presented with the PnM Novice Dog of the Year Trophy during our display at Crufts.

YoYo's 1st place in Intermediate Freestyle at PnM Cornwall in July 08



Team Wales at the PnM Inter Regional HTM competition




Our sponsored walk up Snowdon to raise funds for our entry in the Inter Regional HTM competition







Team Wales HTM cake!


Team walk




Team group stay


Margaret & YoYo performing at Crufts in the main arena

Gwyl taking off out of the weave


K9 Concerns 'Scottish Dance' team




Tara jumping


Charlotte with Mac and Pat with Nat, and myself as their trainer, after they won through to the Tails of Achievement finals in 2010. Photos (courtesy of Carol Ann Johnson) show us on stage being interviewed by Peter Purvis.

Ceri enjoying her hydrotherapy




Winners line up at our first Rally competition to be held on Anglesey












Margaret & YoYo Anglesey Show 

Margaret and Ceri working with children at the Peterborough Show













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